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Landscape maintenance

A well-designed and maintained landscape makes a great first impression. Our Landscape Maintenance teams service a range of clients including major names in the hotel industry, residential property developers, corporate offices, retail centres, aged care facilities, government buildings and more.


We can develop a suitable regular maintenance plan to ensure your landscaped areas are presented to the highest standard. We are equipped to deliver hard and soft landscaping, minor construction, structural and decorative concreting, pools and surrounds, civil, and landscape design, providing expert guidance for projects of all sizes.


Turf and gardens – Looking after your lawns means more than mowing and trimming. By using aeration, top dressing, sowing and feeding techniques we keep your lawn in the best possible condition and resistant to weed infestations and disease.

Hedging – As a popular choice for commercial properties, hedging can be used to create more formal landscapes. Our maintenance teams use top-line equipment to ensure your hedges are kept in immaculate condition.

Rehabilitation – Our qualified horticulturalists are experts at ensuring your soft scapes thrive, and can rejuvenate plants with correct pruning and feeding techniques or recommend suitable plant replacements where necessary.

Pruning – Promote the healthy growth of your plants, as well as ensuring power lines and obstacles are cleared, light is not obstructed to buildings, and potential storm damage is minimised.

Irrigation management – Using the latest technology, we design reliable, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly irrigation systems in accordance with local area regulations.

Weed control – Our weed control experts are licensed in herbicide and pesticide applications and other weed maintenance techniques to preserve the health of your garden.

Pest & disease management – Early treatment by our qualified teams will minimise the threat of pests or disease to avoid their spread and damage.


Hedge Property Services deliver property solutions that match your budget and expectations and will enhance your property for years to come.

Work with an Industry Leader: Our reputation is a result of years of quality solutions delivered on many high visibility projects.

Trust us to make a good first impression.

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