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Cleaning, Landscape Maintenance, Painting

Hedge Property Services was engaged in May 2019 by Project Strategies Australia to coordinate part of the refurbishment of the Woolworths supermarket in Bulimba.

With views to restore and bring a fresher look to the facility, our team completed the extensive upgrade within a month. Areas renovated included street level front of shop, building façade, back of building / loading dock and basement levels of the carpark.

Back of building / Loading dock

Initial render and patch work on exterior of building was performed prior to painting phase. The client elected to adopt a full colour scheme makeover for the exterior repaint of the building. This stage required painting on surfaces exceeding 15 meters in height which was achieved with the use of an articulated boomlift. High visibility line marking using yellow high reflective non-slip paint was completed near the loading dock and carpark basement entrance.

Front of shop / Building façade

The front of shop stage involved pressure cleaning and painting of multiple surfaces including carpark ramp access, ceilings and walls. These facility maintenance works were conducted at night using methodical traffic management to minimize disturbances. Hedge Property Services was also consulted to perform a landscape makeover including various streetscape and softscape works.

Underground Parking

This stage required an upgrade of carpark basement lights to LED lights to improve visibility. Detailed and rigorous pressure cleaning of the carpark entrance driveway and two basement levels was achieved to restore the floors to their initial state. A fresh coat of yellow high reflective non-slip paint was applied to all floor markings and ramps.

Our facility maintenance division demonstrated an acute ability to complete the project, without disrupting our client’s customer traffic or impacting on their daily turnover, with most of the works completed after shopping hours. Hedge Property Services is not only proud to deliver on the desired result for Woolworths, but also to participate in improving the community of Bulimba.

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