Providence South Ripley






Landscape Maintenance

Providence South Ripley is a residential town house development of more than 700 hectares of land located in the Ripley Valley. With a community of more than 20,000 people, the small town includes an education precinct, sports grounds, town centre and extensive transport connections.

To cater for this sizeable project, Hedge Property Services allocated a dedicated full-time team to complete the rich scope of works encompassing multiple fronts of landscape maintenance. Weekly tasks include meticulous detailing of existing tropical trees, shrubs and groundcovers accross the property. Mowing of all turfed areas and garden surrounds as well as methodical edging and weeding is performed to ensure a five-star finish. Another essential part of our scope for Providence is the treatment and stimulation of existing vegetation. Applying our extensive horticultural knowledge, our team ensures a controlled management plan inclusive of insecticide, fungicide and herbicide treatments is followed to allow the landscapes to thrive and continue to add value to the property.

Hedge Property Services is proud to contribute to the beautiful community of Providence South Ripley and is honored to be responsible for ensuring all landscapes are healthy and immaculate for the residents and visitors to enjoy. In 2021, Hedge Property Services were the recipient of the winning award in the commercial maintenance category for Providence at the Landscape Queensland Construction Excellence Awards.

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